About Us

We are a smaller-sized, highly-focused estate planning and probate law firm and pride ourselves in being directly responsible to our clients. Part of our strength is in our ability to handle each case with specific attention to the individuals involved, remaining cognizant of the fact that there are often high personal stakes involved in every situation.

Estate and probate are our firm’s primary focus. We are very sensitive to the fact that in disputes among family members, whether between siblings, surviving children, or dealing with a step-parent, it can be difficult to assert and protect one’s legal rights when the effect of doing so can result in conflict. There are certain rights and responsibilities owed to those who survive the loss of a loved one, and when those rights are not met, we are here to ensure the survivors are protected.

Our philosophy is to provide passionate protection for the survivors after their loss. It is our purpose to create an environment within which our clients feel their needs have been heard, respected, and met. We strive to communicate directly and fully, to approach each of our clients individually, to recognize the particulars that make each situation unique, and to tailor our service to accommodate specific needs.

We are accredited by the State Bar of Texas, a member of the Texas Bar Association and the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils, and were given the highest ranking of A/V by the independent council of Martindale-Hubbell.

To find out more about our firm please browse through the biography of founder Elliott E. Burdette, and our other resident attorneys.