All testimonials featured here are real letters from real clients and have been posted with permission.

Probate Litigation Defense Success

I remember the day that I was fortunate enough to be given the name of Elliott Burdette. It was during the third year of a lawsuit that had emotionally, financially and physically wrecked my life. After I talked with Mr. Burdette, I believed that this attorney could bring resolution to my case. After I met with Mr. Burdette, I knew that this attorney would bring resolution to my case. I finally had faith and confidence in my attorney, something that I had not really experienced since the initiation of the case.

Mr. Burdette had to pick up the pieces from two previous attorneys who had been involved with my case and decipher all that had transpired, the things that had been handled correctly and those that had not. Additionally, he had to deal with a client who was cooperative, but emotionally overwrought with the life changing events during and preceding this case. And to further add to the challenge, he had the task of attempting meaningful communication with a difficult and challenging plaintiff’s attorney. End result was resolution through a ten hour mediation, opposed to the demanded court jury trial. The skill set of Mr. Burdette regarding communication is excellent. He truly knows and understands the inner workings of the human personality and has an innate perception of human motivation.

Don’t we all hate to have a need for an attorney? All of a sudden we are thrown into a world few understand – the legal system; and also have the added worry of finding a competent and ethical attorney. Where are they? There are many attorneys who have rightfully earned their bad reputation with the public, and are considered disdainful. There are many attorney’s who are unethical and misuse their influence and position.

When I found Mr. Burdette, I discovered that I was truly in the hands of a competent professional, who demonstrated respect for the client and a sound knowledge base and expertise of the legal components.

Being a client of Mr. Elliott Burdette offered me the following:

  1. Respect for client and client’s position. Mr. Burdette is easy to talk with; and has solid listening skills with a professional demeanor and upholds confidentiality.
  2. Legal expertise and ability to ‘think outside the box’, utilizing peer and other resources for strategy planning. Encouraging involvement of client regarding strategy planning. Welcomes client input and involvement regarding strategy planning. Life experiences, plus experience as a practicing attorney have added to Mr. Burdette’s repertoire of skill sets.
  3. Fair retainer and monetary charges, as agreed. Monthly statement with delineation and accountability for charges. No surprises, upfront discussion of costs; and Mr. Burdette informs client as to monetary involvement depending regarding what strategies may be anticipated / utilized.
  4. Mr. Burdette takes care of his client in the office and at procedural events, court or mediation. Client feels protected with his advocacy and handling of matters. He fully prepares client prior to procedural event.
  5. Office has professional atmosphere and is managed with accountability. It offers a relaxed, comfortable setting. Staff is professional, efficient, and respectful. Good follow-up with relaying documents to client, and keeping client updated. Office is run efficiently and is visibly organized. Courteous, skilled staff available at all times.
  6. Accessibility–Mr. Burdette is available to his clients, he returns phone calls timely, client is not left ‘in the dark’; keeps client updated.
  7. Resolution–Mr. Burdette was able to do what had been thought of as impossible. He brought to resolution my case, whereby the plaintiff side was entrenched against settlement. This takes a highly skilled, experienced attorney with exceptional communication skills and legal knowledge.
  8. Protecting Client’s Best Interest–Mr. Burdette advises his client as to what is the best scenario for the client, and does not string out the case, or lead the client on, to embellish fee opportunity.
  9. Decent, ethical, honest, skilled individual–Mr. Burdette is a genuinely nice and decent human being, who happens to be an exceptional and excellent attorney.

Conclusion: It is my opinion that anyone who is represented by Mr. Elliott Burdette has a stellar attorney for counsel, who is also a stellar individual. If needed, I would use Mr. Burdette before all others, and would recommend him to anyone in need of his expertise.

Donna Sherman
June 15th, 2009 – Dallas, Texas

Fiancé’s Estate Settlement

Elliott Burdette handled the estate of my fiancé. This was a difficult situation involving:

  • An engagement without the “proof” of a ring;
  • A holographic will which had been witnessed and notarized;
  • A daughter who, by her unlawful activities and generally poor and irresponsible behavior; created many stumbling blocks; and
  • A house that required remodeling before sale.

Mr. Burdette faced a much larger and very challenging firm with thorough preparation and great courage. Both he and his staff were always considerate toward me and several times went out of their way to be helpful. The end result was that I obtained a much larger settlement than I ever expected. I highly recommend this firm.

Virginia V.
July 29, 2009 – Magnolia, Texas