Trust Litigation

Many people use trusts as a way to hold and protect their assets while still alive. Following the person’s death disputes may arise between beneficiary parties as to the terms of the trust—who gets what, when, and how much. No matter which side you are on Burdette & Rice has many years of experience in both litigation and arbitration.

Whether in probate court or state district courts, we have filed many lawsuits to interpret or modify the terms of a trust and resolve the issues among the beneficiaries. A trust may have been created prior to any grandchildren being born and a dispute over terms that would provide for them may arise. Disputes also arise over who was selected as a successor trustee to the person who established the trust. In handling trust litigation, an attorney who can interpret the trust and knows how to resolve disputes in and outside of court, is a valuable asset.

We also help clients with probate matters in addition to trust litigation. Texas law makes probate an easier and less expensive and tedious process than in other states. If the will is created properly, the executor only has to visit court once and take an oath to show that they will attend to the estate without the need for court supervision. We assist our clients with all aspects of that legal process.

To discuss your personal trust litigation needs, please contact us for a free consultation by phone, e-mail, or in person.