Out-Of-State Death

Question: I am out of state and the last of my parents to die recently died in Dallas. One of my sisters is named as the executor of my mother’s estate. I am uncertain as to whether I will be treated fairly as I am not sure she can be trusted. What can be done to protect my interests short of starting a war?

Answer: We receive calls from people in situations like yours on a regular basis. One of the services we provide to out of state (or out of town) clients such as you, is to monitor the administration of their parent’s estate. Specifically, we contact the attorney handling the estate here locally and provide them with written notice of our representation. We tell them that we want to receive copies of various documents and pleadings pertaining to the administration of the estate.

By taking this action, we let the executor know that his or her actions are being monitored and we also are kept apprised of the status of the estate as the administration progresses. In the event there is a problem with some aspect of the estate, you are more likely to be advised of it sooner than you would be otherwise.

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